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Thread: Naval piercing won't heal!

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    Default Naval piercing won't heal!

    It's been re-pierced (it was pierced when I was 16 and again when I was 21). It's been over a year, and it hasn't healed. It is puffy and red around the bar on the bottom half.

    I had the original bar in there for a year and changed to a gold bar (as I've found out on these forums, apparently not a good idea).

    I've ordered a bioplast naval piercing, but is there anything else I should do? Is bioplast a good idea?

    I have a picture if anybody can tell me how to post it!

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    Navels do take a while to heal, can be well over a year for it to settle properly. What material is in there now? Bioplast is good, I shouldn't think you'd need to do anything else, just leave it alone apart from a quick rinse in the shower.
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    I'm not sure if he pierced me with titanium or steel. Anyway, right now there is a gold bar in there. I thought it might be better for it- now I know it isn't. What a waste!

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    My first navel piercing was my first 'serious' piercing, which I got at fourteen. When I looked back on all the healing problems I had with it, I put it down to being inexperienced and generally just quite young.

    So when I got my second navel piercing last August, I expected it to be a breeze due to me better understand piercings/how my body reacts. I then realised, navel piercings are just a pain to heal. As already said, they can take a year plus to heal; I don't even consider mine close to healing until a year has passed. So I wouldn't be too worried that it still hasn't settled down.

    Bioplast is good; I have a bioplast bar (although I'm not wearing it, due to my piercing having finally settled down and me not wanting to risk further irritation by changing it) and have used PTFE to heal other troublesome piercings. I find the fact it flexes makes the piercing generally more comfortable. Other than chaning to bioplast/PTFE, I'd recommend just leaving it alone. I know I started over cleaning my navel piercings, which hindered the healing process. Just try not to fiddle and use a mirror or something to get a look at it, rather than trying to pull the piercing if you want to check parts that aren't easily visible. =)
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