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Thread: SNUG does it look like I need longer barbell

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    Question SNUG does it look like I need longer barbell

    I got my snug 5 days ago and so of course it is still pretty swelled but due to swelling it feels like pressure around it causing pain to be worse and sometimes looks like there isnt much room on the barbell for anymore swelling room so what I am wondering is if you think I should go back to my piercer and have a longer barbell placed in it?

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    Where are you going that is using cheap acrylic ends like that for initial jewellery?!

    And yeah, it's probably going to swell a lot more than it has so far and may cause problems. Snugs are notorious for needing a LOT of room.

    But as I first said, I wouldn't go back to your piercer if they're putting that cheap tack in your ears to start with. I'd go somewhere a little more professional.

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