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Looks really nice the combination in your ear looks great too!
Thank you so much! I'm actually giddy that everyone's liking the look so far

End of week 1:

I've finally started getting crusties here and there, but nothing too difficult. I've been pulling my hair to the side and have been able to shower without any issues. So far, the CBR still isn't moving unless I bump it, which has been great

Last night wasn't fun though; For the past few days I've been taking some pills in the hopes of getting through a sinus infection. They keep me feeling really drowsy and 'heavy' (and a little off balance, I'm sure). I was reading in bed last night and went to move a piece of my hair; I somehow ended up knocking both the conch and industrial pretty hard...at least, it certainly felt like it had been that way! But now that they've had 10/11 hours to calm down, they're fine, thankfully.

The heat got really bad here yesterday as well, so I gently swabbed around them a few extra times to keep them from getting sweaty.

All in all, I'm still healing well, and I found that this is my mother's favorite piercing on me so far, so that makes up for that bit o' pain yesterday