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    Well, as the title says, this is my experience with piercings.
    I firstly got my lobes pierced nearly two years ago, a friend just so happened to see all the cuts on my thighs, so she, loving piercings, I think she has 20 at this point, said, why don't you try getting a piercing the next time you feel the work to slice your legs, she told of how you get a big adrenaline rush and how it could give a similar feeling, or at least make me feel better, so I thought, what the hell, I went for it and got my ears pierced, it somewhat worked, I didn't really feel them being pierced, but I did feel really good afterwards and I actually enjoyed the look of them. From here I decided to start to stretch them, I ended up getting them to 12mm, which I have now closed up, I took them out to clean and forgot to put them back in, they'd closed down to around 5mm by the time someone mentioned to me on the Monday that I had none in.. (I took them out on the Friday night, I always try to avoid looking in mirrors, I dislike looking at myself.)

    From here I had liked the look of spider bites, I just thought they looked nice, I decided the next time I felt shitty I'd go for them. I ended up going for it at a piercers recommended by a friend, he came with me, although not knowing my reason, this is when I got to meet the piercer I generally use for everything, she is a lovely person and seems to care about you unlike a lot of piercers, she also has the time to speak to you (-: I got these pierced with two PTFE 1.6mm bars. I was extremely nervous because I had no idea what my pain tolerance was like, I felt the needles go through but nothing too bad, got a little kick from it also. The healing process was strange, how I was told I'd catch it, I thought, no way I'll be careful! But strangely enough you do just catch it and then I understood the soreness of piercings.

    Now, the point in which I stopped gaining a buzz, I had again decided the next piercing I liked the look of was a septum piercing, the same ritual. I ended up being pierced by the man who owns the studio, I thought right he must be good if he owns it, Sam isn't doing them but don't worry! I was extremely nervous, I'd watched a few videos and read that septums just slide through like a hot blade through butter. However I was wrong, it took about five minutes to pierce my septum, he had to push about ten times to go through, I was physically shaking, I couldn't sit still, it felt like someone was pushing your hand back whilst having a sprained wrist, or like I was trying to walk on a broken ankle, it was probably the most painful thing I had experienced in my life, I bled quite a lot, it dripped into my mouth, he kept telling me to unclench my mouth and to reflax, he was rushing and I felt extremely pressured, it was a horrible experience, I gained nothing from this but pain. I also was told by a good studio that it's about 5mm too low and that's probably why it hurt so much, sucks right? But because of this I'm not sure if my pain tolerance is terrible, or if this was just a really badly done job...

    I decided to continue my ritual none the less. My next list was getting shark bites, four lip piercings and I had my smiley on the en-devour, it was a year after my best friend decided to take her own life and leave me with a petty promise, so I felt extremely shitty and just for the sake of continuing my ritual and adding metal to my face I wanted to do it, I went to the same studio and refused to use anyone but Sam, gladly I got her, she aligned up my lip brilliantly, and they are virtually perfect. My smiley was also do nicely and it has now settled down to a nice spot.

    Then over the next period of a few months I had rough patches over time my friend passed away, so I ended up getting a prince albert and a ampallang piercing a month or so apart, strangely, neither were anywhere near as painful as my septum, but they were fairly painful, I am not going to say I enjoyed them.

    Next up I got my nose pierced with a stud, another ritual once more, just to take my mind off stuff. I got my nape pierced a few months ago in the similar 'ritual', both of which done by Sam, again wonderful piercings and I loved my experience, I enjoy chatting to her and am happy for her to work on my body. Then, the dreaded moment came, I ended up being having to use the terrible studio owner, Sam, who I had booked in with for my double right nostril piercing, happened to be out, so when I went upstairs from the reception, he was there with his sour face of gloom and doom, I thought, give him a chance, maybe it was just a off day. The piercings, done well, really aligned nicely, HOWEVER, I found that he didn't take into account the swelling, despite telling me he refused to do three at once because the swelling would be too bad... the didn't straighten the bendy bars out at all, so they were far too short, one started sinking into my nose, I had to dig out an old blade and cut the skin and pull it out, this went on for four days, I decided to take it out and am now left with an unsightly scar on my nose with only one nose piercing left in my right nostril, this was by far my worst healing process. I am hoping that the next time I feel down I shall use Sam no matter what and I shall have my nose completely, I wish to have four piercings in my right nostril in the shape of a diamond so.

    At this point I got my dydoe pierced, this wasn't quite as bad as my ampallang, but worse then my prince albert, again it wasn't pleasent but nothing compared to my septum and Sam did a brilliant job.

    A few weeks ago I had another shitty moment, so I went and got Sam to pierce my scaffolding, I didn't even feel the needle go through to be honest, I was extremely nervous for this but it was stupidly painless, my nose piercings were worse than this, heck even my lobes were worse. I've had it pierced with two bars rather than one, she said that it generally makes the healing process easier as they do not get caught as much and also if one hole flares up the other generally does not, she will also replace the two bars with one long bar in eight weeks time. Sam has also said she will throw in piercing for free, she said I'm one of the only people who refuse to use anyone other than her and I have sent quite a few people to be pierced by her, so I asked about my venoms and she said she'd love to, so in my line up of the next times I feel shitty I currently have lined up -

    Three more in my right nostril
    Venom bites
    Tongue webbing
    Repierce lobes and take to 8mm
    My nipples cross pierced, my hip and collar bones with mircodermals, once I'm underweight of course, please don't preach I don't care what you think, I want to be skinny so I want to be underweight, I do not want to have to remove my tshirt to show a disgusting body.

    I would love to do a suspension once I gain the confidence to remove my tshirt in front of someone and we have the luxury of having Paddy, Aka Patrick Kielty working around my city so I easily have the option to do the suicide suspension I long to do. I would love to have a dermal punch in my ear, however I am starting a business management degree this September, so life will not allow me to have such, again I would like to have my tongue split, but worried over future work and the pain of it. I have no idea what I want to do in life and I would personally just like to die, however I made a promise so here I am. I also haven't once cut myself since the day I got my septum pierced I think I was terrified of sharp objects. I would love to be a freak, however life will not allow me too (-: Overall though, I have generally enjoyed my piercing experience, I have never had an infection and virtually everything has healed nicely, although I'm still unsure if I have a low or high pain tolerance, but that's life ^^

    Edit, I happen to have a picture of some of my piercings, I do have very little pictures of myself, I do not like to look at myself or take pictures, you can see here as I described how my second nostril piercing was sinking in, you can also see how low my septum was done..
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