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Thread: Navel piercing infected? Maybe? Idk, that's why I'm here.

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    My inverse navel piercing looked a lot like that over Christmas. I also worried about infection but there was no pain or pus, so I figured it was just, you know, a weeping wound. Anyway, I switched my jewellery (actually changed mine from titanium to steel, but that's because I have a bad history with titanium in healing piercings) and switched length to something shorter. Mind you, that was to stop it catching on my previous navel piercing (currently wearing two steel, 10mm barbells). I'd agree with what other people have said about the barbell being too short. I'd recommend getting a longer one (but make sure it's not too long, otherwise that's likely to catch and cause irritation) and maintain regular hygiene. I was SSSing mine once every other day, I think, otherwise it was just a good rinse off in the shower.

    Also, as mentioend previously I can't wear titanium in my (healing) piercings, so I wear a lot of PTFE/bioplast. When my navel piercing still wasn't healing I went out and bought a biplast bar for it (only it then decided to behave and I didn't want to risk changing it when it was finally sorting itself out). Wore PTFE in my rook for quite a while before switching to blackline (which I've not removed since), which healed it up nicely, and I've currently got a PTFE bar in my nipple (only changed at the weekend so can't tell you how that's going).

    It may not look as nice as metal bars, but it's really comfortable to wear, especially as, being flexible, I've found it catches less and just generally irritates the piercing a whole lot less than metal.
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    Well it looks sore but not infected maybe its your metal allergy I woukd suggest changing to a bio plast bar

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