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We're having a Victoria Sponge for our wedding cake :P (cos he doesn't like normal wedding cake)

What bugs me about this is the fact that everyone's phone was on the table.
Why, in case the conversation around you is so dull that you need to phone/text someone else? Is it a status thing, like hey look at my phone it's awesome and better than yours?
I see people out to dinner or just generally out somewhere (couples or small groups) and at least one of them is always talking/texting/whatever on a mobile phone. How effing rude, especially out on a date!! Put it away and talk to the person/people you're actually WITH.

Oh God yes. I will forever hate the 'mine's better than yours' outlook. Besides which its not hard. Then again i'm rarely texting/phoning people, so i'm slightly weird for my age haha.