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Thread: Tongue Piercing - Overnight Bleeding

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    So I got my tongue pierced Tuesday (9/4) at a professional shop with a great reputation. My tongue's been swollen and tender since Wednesday and I've been sucking a lot of Ice and only just yesterday started eating bit of solid food. (mashed potatoes and fish)Everything seems to be normal except for the last three nights, my tongue has been bleeding.

    Thursday and Friday I woke up with a purplish/blackish ring of dried blood around my piercing and this morning it was a bit bigger, though still not too much.
    I've been googling this and read this can happen for a couple of days, but it's been four days since it got pierced and it doesn't eem to get better so I'm getting rather worried.

    I was also wondering when most people start getting lymph and if everyone gets that or if that's not necessary for healing.

    Anyway, I'm kind of freaking out so I'd really appreciate an answer.

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    It's perfectly normal, tongues are incredibly vascular and can take a while to settle with everyone. Some experience excessive bleeding in the first 24 hours, others minor bleeding for a few days / weeks. As long as it's not literally pouring out your mouth and you're getting dizzy from blood loss you'll be fine.

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    I had the same issue with mine keep washing your mouth out with the alcohol free mouthwash. Also, put gloves on and dip a q-tip in the mouth wash and try to clean around to post of the jewelry.
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    I have only one suggestion, get pierced when you're in a good mood and the day is nice, that's when I got my nipple pierced and the memory is still with me - a good memory, the pierced nipple is too!

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