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Thread: Tongue Piercing :-p

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    Default Tongue Piercing :-p

    Hey there, i just have some quezzies about tongue piercings! iv tried looking these up on internet but i thought it would be better 2 ask ppl who have had then

    1. Whats the age limit? im 16 btw. do i need parental consent?
    2. How much does it cost roughly? (i live in england)
    3. I really want to get it done (have done for years) but the thought of it going thru a vein or something scares the hell out of me, has this happened to anyone??

    Thanks alot x.x.x.x

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    The age depends on the piercer as there is NO AGE LIMIT for piercings in the UK.

    Again the price depends on the piercer we do it at 40

    The next part to your problems i have answered an lots of posts before if you have a read then you should find something. But if you go to a good piercer then dont worry about it.


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    ok thanks alot.

    the place where i want to go is quite popular and a reputable one anyway so i wasn't so worried about it but its just the idea of it going wrong because my body isnt so good at taking piercings ... but the only other piercing i have is ma ears lol.

    Thanks alot neway


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    also can it be done so close to christmas? eg.the 21st wen work finishes?

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