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Thread: New Nose Piercing: Healing correctly?

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    Default New Nose Piercing: Healing correctly?

    So, I'm sure this is going to come across as super paranoid, but this was my first piercing so I'm just hoping to put my mind at ease. My nose piercing is about two and a half weeks old now. I follow all my piercer's suggestions to a T. I spray my piercing religiously with a saline solution a couple times a day. From what I can see, the skin directly around the hole, beneath the stud is pink. Does this healing seem on track?

    I am worried, however, about creating scar tissue by the movement of the stud when I blow my nose. I try to be carefully, but sometimes the back of the l-shaped stud is pushed forward so it's hanging out of my nostril, so I have to push it back in. How do you guys with pierced noses deal with silly things like blowing your nose with a new piercing?

    Any other recommendations for a successful healing process?

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