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Thread: Will this design work on the knee?

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    Default Will this design work on the knee?

    Hey guys, haven't been around here in a while. I've been brainstorming more about tattoo ideas, and for a few years I've loved this design:

    I'd be skipping all the "text" around the circumference because I don't think that would age well, but I think I might try to keep the little "spikes" toward the inside, depending on if those are doable. I'd always planned on getting it as a "shoulder cap," but thanks in part to snicky's gorgeous dotwork piece, I've fallen in love with knee tattoos, too, especially designs that are geometric and compatible with the knee's "roundness."

    I was reading around on the internet about knee tattoo experiences and someone mentioned that it's tricky to come up with a design that looks great on the knee in every position, because of how much it bends. Do you guys have an opinion on this?

    If it works for the knee, I might get this as my first tattoo when I scrounge up the money. I want to go into paralegal and law for a career, and a knee is much easier to cover than a bicep or my chest (but I'm still considering a chest piece for another tattoo...), so I figure it might be a good place to start. I also feel more comfortable with a solid black-heavy piece on my knee than I am on my upper body.
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    Placing designs on (large) joints is definitely a challenge, five millimeters up or down can make or break the look of the overall piece when the joint is bent (recently had a circular dotwork piece done on my elbow, the placement was a nightmare to get right).

    Other than that, the design looks good. The only thing I'd be worried about is the level of detail in the two circles with texts - it takes a hell of a talented tattooist to actually pull something like that off and even if they do, fine lines in a high-movement/high-friction area may act unpredictably. Every tattoo fades over time and the microscopic lettering would eventually become illegible and smudgy.
    This specific design (lettering intact) would work better on a flatter surface and on a larger scale - something like the upper back would make sense, would look especially nice off-center.

    Just my 0.02€
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    anything you get on your knee is always gonna look a little bit screwed just because of how it sit when your legs is extended vs bent. Thins is a tattoo is for you and not your friends or strangers so if it is something you want and that is where you want it then make it happen.

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    Ancient thread, closed.
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