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Thread: Lip Piercing Help?

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    Exclamation Lip Piercing Help?

    So I got my lip pierced! I've wanted to get it done even since I knew what lip piercings were and I finally got the balls to go and get it done.

    It's been 8 days since it's been done and I went through the super swollen day and a half and I was prepared to deal with the crusting and "white discharge" but I don't know if it's right??

    When it was swollen it was a tad bit itchy so I played around with the ring and I chewed the rest of my lip pretty bad but it seems to have all gone back to normal except there's a hard lump inside my lip around the piercing. Instead of the white liquid discharge I was expecting it looks as though white chunks are being discharged?

    I don't know if it's irritated because I played with it a lot or the skin is hard because I chewed it or if it's infection!

    I have no other piercings so I don't know what's normal! Please help

    Also I should mention that I wash twice a day and after every meal with 1/4 tsp of seasalt and 1 cup warm water solution

    here are some photos (it wont let me post them/link to them in the thread)

    gross white gunk
    25 . media . tumblr . com/5368e0a8c759e06ae0cd7de7b046258f/tumblr_mj1vf0s7rF1qj475zo1_1280 . jpg

    feels like something hard under the skin; lump
    25 . media . tumblr . com/a18bdab0a3c67852ae9a2611083feadf/tumblr_mj1vgkgTDn1qj475zo1_1280 . jpg

    after cleaning out white gunk
    24 . media . tumblr . com/2f7d690075ef09bb3036a3365edbbdc5/tumblr_mj1vhkHeNi1qj475zo1_1280 . jpg

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    Oh my, that does look rather irritated. What material is the ring? Rings are pretty rubbish for healing and is probably the primary cause of irritation. Playing around with it won't help either. The white stuff is just lymph and is perfectly normal, all part of the healing process. I would suggest going to a competent piercer to have a properly fitted titanium/bioflex labret to give it the best chance of healing. Also the cleaning sounds a little excessive, just one SSS a day (rinsing with plain water afterwards) and rinsing with plain water after meals should be enough. Saying that, SSS aren't THAT essential, just rinsing with water is fine.
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