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    Just got my tongue pierced yesterday! When I tried to research beforehand scoop piercings, I couldn't find much, so figured I'd document my experience :P for those who don't know, it's a horizontal surface piercing...this is my first thread on here so I'll try to figure out how to attach a picture :P

    I'd initially planned on getting venoms. My piercer recommended against it though. She said most people have lots of blood vessels in the sides of their tongues so it's more risky. Also, I was concerned with talking normally and worried about chipping my teeth on the jewelry. She said this way, since nothing comes out the bottom of my tongue, my speech would likely be clearer, and chomping down on the jewelry, although painful, would be less likely to damage my teeth. I was worried about rejection, but a few of the piercers there had it done and said they'd never had problems with that. I was also concerned that the bar would be really uncomfortable and limit mobility, but it really isn't that bad. I can't feel it when my tongue is relaxed; I just can't curl my tongue as much as I used to. I'm planning on switching to PTFE cable once it's healed enough to change jewelry.

    As far as the process goes, it was all pretty quick. Started by picking my jewelry; it's a 14g black curved barbell. Then went and sat in the chair and had to swish with mouthwash for a while. She dried off my tongue and marked dots and had me check them. I had her move them like 5 times, she was probably annoyed with me! Ha, but then she put the clamp on, which sucked! It took a while for her to position it correctly. The needle went through relatively quickly...I mean it took a few seconds, but not nearly as long to get through as my collarbone surface piercings! It hurt. Ha...not my worst piercing, but it definitely didn't feel pleasant. But she put the jewelry in and it was done! Swallowed a nice mouthful of blood, which was pretty gross >_< rinsed with mouthwash again, and it was almost black when I spit it back out, but there was no more bleeding after that. Immediately afterwards, it hardly hurt at all. I could talk fairly well. Solid foods though...forget about it. Ha, went to get frozen yogurt with my boyfriend afterwards. The cold yogurt felt really good, but couldn't eat any of the toppings. Can't chew without chomping on my tongue!

    This morning when I woke up it hurt quite a bit...much worse than yesterday. Took ibuprofin and started drinking ice water as soon as I woke up to get the swelling down. Talking is harder than it was yesterday. People say I sound fine; S's are difficult, and I feel like I really have to enunciate, but other than a slight lisp I'm totally understandable. I just have to concentrate when I speak! Solid foods are still a no go; I've been eating yogurt, pudding, and ice cream all day. I tried to make mac-n-cheese for lunch and literally had to eat one noodle at a time. Ice water and ice chips keep the swelling at bay, and the pain gets better as the day goes on. I'll try to stay updated with the healing process, and if you have any questions ask away!

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    Here's a link to a pic which hopefully works!! ->

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    The link just leads to the tumblr login, no pic i'm afraid :(

    What a brave girl, well done!!!

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    Ha...shoot! I'm new to to I add a picture?

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    I'm pretty new to piercings but i thought this was a big no no / really silly thing to have done??
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    Quote Originally Posted by ~Nox~ View Post
    I'm pretty new to piercings but i thought this was a big no no / really silly thing to have done??
    Most piercers won't perform this due to the problems it poses, migration, rejection, speech impairment, permanent damage and so on.
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    Just out of curiosity, did the piercer actually check your tongue to see if you were suited to venoms?
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    I do find it a little confusing that they'd say how dangerous venoms were due to damage and blood vessels yet they were willing to piece horizontally though a tongue where they cant see any veins or vessels at all and pose an equally big risk to tooth damage.

    Secondly, a curved bar sounds pretty dangerous too, posing a big migration risk.

    Further more, you really wont want to wear PTFE in your tongue, a few on here have tried it and after 3-6 months the material gets chewed up pretty bad and severely irritates the piercing.

    Good luck with it, will make for an interesting read, but to be honest, I dont see this lasting too long.

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    Thanks about the tip on PTFE cable...couldn't really find much in my research about using it for this type of piercing!

    I did do a lot of research beforehand, and have heard those risks. I also, however, have talked to some people who have had it done, and have had it successfully heal. I'll be watching it like a hawk though to make sure it's healing the way it's supposed to, and I'll take it out at first sign of problems!

    As of right now, day 3, there's absolutely no pain. I'm eating solid foods again, which feels a little awkward. I have to eat slowly, but there isn't any pain. I have to concentrate on enunciating, but people haven't been able to detect a difference in my speech, and nobody has noticed anything different unless I deliberately show them. I've noticed some white gunk on my tongue...for those of you more experienced than I, is this normal? Is it something I should worry about?

    I'll try to keep updating through the healing process! Fingers crossed it'll work out!

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