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Thread: 2nd set of lobes!

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    Cool 2nd set of lobes!

    hey everyone! I'm new here! I got my lobes done (2nd set) 5 weeks ago at my local Claire's. yes I know, "why would you get them done with a gun OMG that's soooo bad!" here is my experience / diary.

    my 1st lobes were done at Piercing Pagoda (do you have those in UK, Scotland, etc.?) when I was 4. I told my mom I wanted earrings so she took me. I've been wanting my doubles since I was about 11 (i am now 13) but my dad was strict about it until recently. He finally said yes and I went the week after New Years (Jan. 8 2013.) I got there and told the lady that I wanted my 2nd holes done. I sat down in the chair and she sanitized my ears, her hands and all that jazz. She pulled a gun out of the cabinet and asked me to pick out a pair of studs. I decided on tiny diamond studs. She marked my ears and I looked in the mirror, I was happy with the placement. She counted to three and then it happened! I didn't feel a thing, just heard a click. same for the other ear. She gave me a "I got my ear pierced at Claire's" bag with a legal form (my mom had to come with me & sign it since I'm underage) and a bottle of cleaner. I wallked around the store to buy some earrings for my first holes. They stung a little once the air hit them. I have 2 more weeks until I can change them. they only hurt when my hair (20inches long) gets caught around them or when I twist them too hard by accident.

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    Yeah guns aren't ideal but it's a lil late. Since guns aren't ideal we can probably agree that their information on how to heal piercings is probably not ideal either. So ditch the ear care solution, it can do more harm than good. You can do Sea Salt Soaks, 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt to one cup of warm water, do that no more than twice a day. Or you can take the LITHA method and just rinse them off in the shower. Do not use any soaps on them. If you can see if a piercer can change the studs to barbells, many people have problems healing with the really bad materials in piercing stud, and studs generally are not long enough for swelling. You do not need to twist the jewelry, it actually reopens the wound and takes longer to heal. Hopefully you can get some quality jewelry in them and they heal well for you.
    Hi, I'm Megan.
    1st and 2nd lobes, both sides
    double helix,daith left
    tragus, conch, right
    nostril, right

    10g septum
    standard navel
    lily on left rib, needs a quote to finish

    future possibles:
    double outer labia
    second nostril
    horizontal nipples both

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    Agreed! If you insist on keeping them in at least ditch their aftercare advice and DO NOT TWIST THEM! If they start to embed in your ears or they get itchy/irritated have them changed to better jewelry by a reputable piercer.
    I'm Lindsay.
    Ears: Right conch, left conch, left double helix, 1/2" lobes.
    Other: Both nostrils, septum, VCH, navel
    RIP: Left eyebrow, right double tragus
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    Essentially what these guys have said; change jewellery to appropriate material and type, switch to a decent cleaning method (SSS or LITHA) and happy healing!

    Oh, and Scotland's in the UK btw
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