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    This jumps between tenses a little bit because, well, I got this done back in November and only got round to writing up all the experiences I've had with this piercing now! When I was trying to do research for it, I barely found anything. There were bits and bobs, but only a few seemed to have a fourchette. Which is, well, true, because only a few DO have a fourchette in comparison to the VCH.
    Moving on, there was an attempt at a diary. Massive recommendation for Holier Than Thou, by the way folks.

    Getting it pierced!

    I went in to speak to Marcus at Holier than thou, who checked my suitability for a fourchette and triangle at my request. Fourchette was good to go, triangle, sadly not due to the fact that Iíd have to be pierced very deep, and that my outer labia are a bit too big to accommodate it as a piercing. Never mind, though I would have loved to see how the sensation was!

    After that, I went and signed the waiver to get the fourchette done. Marcus made sure that I knew the protocol for dizzy spells in any studio involving needles (past history of them, but during my tattoo!), and since Iíd eaten just a bit before, it was fine for me to go ahead and get pierced.

    I lay on the bench thing they have, legs akimbo so that he could get it in a straight line. First he marked where it would be, made sure I was happy with itÖ then clamped me! This wasnít actually too bad, a little bit of a weird feeling, but nothing too bad. I breathed deeply as he pushed the needle through, and Iíll admit, that was painful. Maybe I just have a low pain tolerance! But it felt like the actual jab was still going on, even though the needle was fully through. I think that was, in part, the fact that the clamp was tugging on the site. Jewellery was a little uncomfortable, more of a dull pressure going through than the needle (obviously).

    The worst part was the ball going on the end of it! The ball ran away from Marcus on the tray, and I think it was a bit of a pain in the butt to fasten, because it felt like he spent a little while tightening it. It kept on tugging and being a bit painful, really. However, it was nice when the clamp was taken off, and I felt the sensation relieve itself a bit. We finished up with Marcus giving me a pad to use just in case of bleeding (I donít bleed much for piercings, it seems. I finished bleeding in a couple of hours after my VCH, and my fourchette only bled minorly), and him cleaning up!

    He pierced me with a 1.6mm, 10mm long curved barbell, to accommodate the swelling Iíd experience. It was a tad painful afterwards, because itís in a more sensitive spot than a VCH. It definitely feels different! Whilst it heals, I think itíll feel a lot more pinchy, to be honest. Sea salt soak'ed awkwardly last thing, because I ended up sat on a mug.

    Also because it felt like smooshing a cloud onto my piercing, I think Iíll be wearing pads until itís less painful.

    Later down the line:

    I stopped wearing pads very quickly. They actually felt a little on the abrasive side after a day or two! In comparison to my VCH, it was slower healing (my VCH was healed in 3-3.5 weeks!), as it took me about 5 weeks or so to heal enough for a jewellery change. I went back to HTT and asked Marcus to change it to a CBR. Felt pretty good at first, but after a while my lack of matchiness bothered me (I have a barbell in my VCH!) and I went back and requested a jewellery change! I did try to change it myself before conceding that I'd have to go back to get it changed, but only succeeded in irritating my piercing a bit. Back to SSS for a little while just to calm it. It does sometimes get a little irritated still, and I just go and bathe it in nice warm salt water for a little bit when that does. Itís very awkward trying to soak the area! I use an old, wide mug and awkwardly sit on top of it, butt cheeks spread to try and get the water to the area better. Very very awkward. I usually just use this water to give my VCH a quick bathe while Iím at it as well, which is a lot easier. (Press to the area and hold tight!) I'm now on a 1.6mm, 8mm long barbell.

    Anyway, the only issues Iíve had with it have been little niggles and usually my fault. I like big sex toys, not going to lie at all. Sometimes using my larger ones can cause a small amount of pain with it, but often thatís a combination of size and not using enough lubricant. TMI, I know. I also mess with it sometimes. I think Iíve caught it bleeding ever so slightly a couple of times, but Iím not sure whether thatís the piercing itself or other factors. ANYWAY. If you get a fourchette, my advice (from experience) is to hold off of sex for a couple of weeks, and then donít hop straight to the big stuff. Because thatís what stupid people do! For most people, it shouldnít even really be an issue.

    Very pretty, and has been the piercing I wanted since the minute I saw it. Perfect <3
    Dappled's the name! <3

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    Oooh I love fourchettes I'm so jealous, thanks for posting! You're making me want to get my labia done next instead of my nipples... I need more below-the-belt bling :x Is sitting difficult?
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    It was a little uncomfortable for the first few days? But now it's not really anything I notice. Sometimes when it gets a little irritated and needs a salt soak, it can get a bit difficult to not fidget around! But otherwise it's fine.
    Dappled's the name! <3

    Piercings: Lobes, VCH, fourchette
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    Glad it went well and Marcus is a great piercer
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    I love fourchettes I'm so jealous, thanks for posting!

    I need to have no fear to do it asap !

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