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Thread: Old eyebrow piercing troubles

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    Angry Old eyebrow piercing troubles

    Hello all!

    My eyebrow piercing is my pride and joy. It is now about 6 years old and it was my first piercing (except for the "normal" lobes) and I'd wanted it for a very long time. In many ways, it still is my favourite.

    In these 6 years I never had any trouble with it at all. No itching, no noticeable rejection, no pissyness. Until this past summer.

    I had a summer practice at the hospital, and as such I thought it would be best to wear retainers in my visible piercings, including the eyebrow one. No problems there, everything was fine. Until one day, after I'd gotten back home, I touched the area and noticed it wasn't there. I don't know if I lost it in my sleep or during the day, no idea. I ran to my room and quickly tried to insert my normal titanium piece. It took a bit of effort, as it somehow had already started to shrink (I have no idea why or how, the fistula was empty for 7-8 hours at most) and since I had no more retainers and I only had a couple of days left of practice anyway, I decided I'd just take it off before going to the hospital and then put it back on when I got home. I probably should have just worn the damn jewellery. From that point on, it has been weird.

    It hurts if I touch it, as if the inside of it is torn or something, but it doesn't leak or bleed or ANYTHING, it just hurts when I touch it and it's become more and more sensitive. I can't be sure, but I think it might have rejected a bit, since the holes seem closer now than they used to be. But as I said, I can't be sure. I'm worried it might actually be rejecting, even if I've had it all this time and that just makes me so sad I can't even... UGH!!

    It's just been so long I can't picture myself without it; I realize I can always get it repierced, but I know how prone to rejection eyebrow piercings can be, and it's not common for them to last as long as this one did so I'm afraid I might not get so lucky next time.

    Is there anyone who's experienced something similar? What did you do?
    Any advice here would be much appreciated, thank you!!

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