So toward the end of November in 2012 I got my right nostril pierced.
It was pierced with a corkscrew piercing (pierced by a needle) and it seemed so great until a few weeks later. Mid-December a bump formed overnight and then it grew and grew and popped in the shower one day so I messed with the bump because it was so unsightly. I picked at it and cleaned it out with the piercing cleaning solution.
Within that time, three weeks after the initial piercing, I changed to a nose hoop thinking it would help. I figured it was the jewelry causing the bump.
The ugly bloody bump remained then and I tried to stop picking at it and started using tea tree oil in addition to the normal cleaning routine.
Last week the full, flesh-coloured bump was there without any ugly scabs or crusting so I thought maybe if I just used the tea tree oil it would go down like I read. It did not and ended up bleeding again and then I messed with it again and it's back to that ugly bloody half-deflated bump thing filled with blood. I've also been blowing my nose a lot since the time I got it pierced.
I just want to know if there's any hope for my piercing. I love it dearly, but it's so unsightly and I'm becoming so discouraged. Should I put the corkscrew back in? Any advice would be very much appreciated.