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Thread: Stretching my ears - Do I have a blow out, or an infection??

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    Default Stretching my ears - Do I have a blow out, or an infection??

    I got my ears pierced 2 years ago at Claires. 2 weeks ago I started stretching my lobes. I was told that most stores like Claires pierce @ 16g, so I bought 14g tapers & plugs. My left ear has given me no problems, smooth/painless stretching, and was very quick to heal when I originally got them pierced. My ears never really got "infected" when they were first piereced, more so just irritated, and it was ALWAYS the right lobe that gave me troubles - it hurt more to get pierced and would randomly get really irritated/red/dry.

    Anyways, when I was cleaning my lobes one day, one of my plugs fell out & I have yet to find it. So, I took them out (am awaiting new plugs in the mail - should be here today or tmrw!) & continued with my 2x daily application of Vitamin E oil, cleaning 2x a day w/ a gentle antibacterial soap & the occasional sea salt soak (I did these more so when I had the actual plugs in).

    I have been putting my (steel) tapers in once, twice a day max (literally just sliding them through - after disinfecting, of course - then taking them out immediately) since I don't have jewelery to keep in them til my new ones arrive. My left ear has had no problems whatsoever, but it feels as if there's a bump "inside" of my right ear, in the hole itself. It is painless to touch (just a bit tender as there is a hole there) and relatively small but it's driving me INSANE. One or two times I pulled the taper through on my right ear, there would be 2 or 3 tiny trickles of blood on it afterwards, I'm assuming this is because although I don't "force" the taper through, I do have to gradually "work" it through my lobe because the back sometimes feels like it's closed over, but it can pop right through painlessly, just takes a bit of time/patience.

    Do I have a blow out? Could this have happened if I was misinformed about my piercing originally being 16g & then stretching to 14g? Or is it an infection? (I haven't actually had any pus, only a little bit of liquid once or twice & that went away after a sea salt soak)
    I do have sensitive skin, and was not able to find an unscented antibacterial soap (I checked every store in town, somehow couldn't find any?!) so that could be it I suppose.

    Any suggestions/ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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    It sounds to me like you're ripped your lobe/s, there shouldn't ever be blood. The bump could well just be scar tissue from them being gunned. When stretching there's no need to do soaks and using anti-bacterial soap is very harsh and drying.

    You've had a read of the guide on here as you've commented on it so you'll know not to do those things and that stretches aren't to be treated like fresh piercings as no skin is ever broken as such.

    If I were you I'd stop pushing the taper through, leave them naked or put 1mm or 1.2mm in there, (guns usually only force 0.8mm or 1mm studs through your ears) leave them for a couple of months then start stretching again.
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