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Thread: Nostril Bump: LITHA or continue SSS and chamomile?

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    Default Nostril Bump: LITHA or continue SSS and chamomile?

    I got my left nostril pierced 2.5 months ago and after about a month it developed a bump, of which I am sure is just hypertrophic scarring. I'm pretty certain the bump developed due to a number of irritations including: constantly rotating my stud because it always stuck out of my nose and an overdose of oil of oregano and tea tree oil (which I have stopped).
    I finally got the stud changed to a 20g L-shaped stud two weeks ago that has been MIRACULOUS. Doesn't stick out of my nose so I don't touch it anymore at all. All I have been doing is SSS and some chamomile compresses for about a week now.

    The bump was really starting to do great, but I ended up snagging it really hard the other night (it was literally pulsating). In the morning, the bump was purple/red (frustratingly noticeable now). I'm assuming the hit made it bleed underneath.

    Since the snag ordeal, it seems to be quite alright, actually seems a lot smaller than it has been. It's pretty hard to the touch and seems as though it could be plucked off, or will at least scab off at some point... It has peeled a lot.

    My question now is, should I continue with the SSS and chamomile compresses or just let it be now? Maybe I should just stop cleaning it as often. I feel as though the initial healing/fistula is good, it just seems like the bump is just chillin there.

    Any thoughts would be hugely appreciated!
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