Hello... I'm Meghan

I got my left nostril pierced 2.5 months ago and have come across this forum mostly in an attempt to gather info and answers on getting rid of a little stubborn bump that I developed (it used to be quite a bit bigger, but not as much anymore). I snagged it pretty hard the other night and it turned the bump red/purple... totally irritated it and I think it bled underneath. The epitome of frustration. It's all good now though, back on track.

I've also got a 5 year old helix, my lobes since I was a child (that I never wear jewellery in)... and a retired navel piercing that migrated & rejected on me back when I was a naive little 13 year old who didn't know how to clean it properly/just wanted it to look pretty. Got a scar from that. Oh well.

I hope to connect with some cool people on here while journeying through my nose's healing process!