I am very strongly considering getting a vertical labret within approximately two weeks.

Although, like any piercing, I am very curious upon all possible problems that people encounter.

First of all I have to wonder, will it be more prone to infection being closer to the mouth? My body mildly reacts to metal, but as long as I constantly clean all my piercings they seem to stay happy. That is also on my stomach/hips though, so if these are touchy enough I really need to know how prone it might be when it's closer to the mouth.

Secondly, what about kissing? Will I have to go months without kissing my boyfriend? And if I do kiss him will it heighten the risk of infection?

Thirdly, does it leave a large scar? If it needs to be taken out will it leave a scar like one of an eyebrow?

Fourthly, does it catch on to food while you eat? Or hit the glass while you drink? Furthermore, could it catch enough to cause it to become "angry"?

And lastly, is there any other risks I have not mentioned that may be present within getting this specific piercing? Any input would be amazing!!