I'd like to thank those members that report spam using the report function, it really assists the mods/admin and helps us to seek out any posts we may overlook during our duties or when we're not online.

However, I respectfully request that when you report you merely put 'spam' or similar in the text box or simply leave blank if it's obvious what the post is.

I ask this because we're getting rants and complaints thrown at us via this facility.

As unpaid volunteers we run this forum to the best of our ability and as the attacks are incessant, constant and large in volume it's not something that we can keep on top of 24/7.

I also ask that discussions about spam be kept to the spam thread that's knocking about rather than clogging up other threads unnecessarily.

As mentioned in another thread admin are looking into a facility whereby spammers will be stopped at sign up to pretty much eliminate the problem entirely.

Again I thank you all for your patience, ideas and suggestions and any updates will be fed to you in due course.

~Mod Team~