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Thread: Parents. Help needed.

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    Default Parents. Help needed.


    I your help. I want to get a septum piercing. It will be my first. I am a guy and 16 years old. Being 16 in Scotland means I can get it alone. However I was wondering if there is anything I can do to try and get my parents to let me. I want to let them support it and get them onside. I want them to say atleast ok so I can wear it happily at home.
    Please help thank you

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    Tell them more about the piercing (jewellery and healing time etc) and studio so they're more assured about the safety behind the procedure and that you know how to look after the piercing. Say that this is something you've decided you want and that you'd rather not do it behind their back (shows maturity) and that (presumably) it's not their money that's going towards it.

    Also be sure to point out the good thing about septum piercings - being able to hide it!

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    Have you actually asked them yet? When I was 16, I wanted my lip pierced but my mum didn't want me to. I explained to her that I was old enough to get it done without her consent but I would rather her say she didn't mind me getting it done. As it went, she didn't say she didn't mind but I got it done anyway and if I hadn't told her I had it done, she probably wouldn't have even noticed.
    Maybe show your parents some pictures of septum piercings so they know what to expect.
    I would do what I did with my mum, explain that legally you can get it done without their consent but you'd rather go ahead with it knowing that they weren't opposed to it.

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    Honestly. sometimes parents just won't like the look of it. I guess everyone's parents are different but mine are the type that once they have something in their head it's hard to change their opinion on the matter. They're very old school.
    I've gotten a few piercings, and my parents have only agreed because i've begged enough but they don't know about my web frenulum or my septum. I just did my septum 3 days ago and i'm just hiding it.
    I definitely agree it would be easier to just wear it comfortably at home! I say you just talk to them, they may respect your maturity by being honest and forward about it rather then hiding it. For myself, I just didnt even bring up the idea to them, so they never said yes or no. Lool, even though i know the answer.

    Good luck! It's only a piercing, it's removable, parents need to understand you could be doing a lot worse then putting an extra piece of jewelry in your body.
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    Show them videos of someone flipping their septum up so they know that it can be easily hidden. Research the best piercing studios near you and let them know their sterilization and safety practices. Tell them about different options for jewelry that would let you hide it if you needed to search for a professional job. You could even prepare a short presentation to talk to them about it. Don't get defensive if they reject the idea at first; let them ask questions and balk at the idea first. If you give it time and ask again, they may come around. I think it's very mature of you to want to ask them even though you can do it without their consent.
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