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Thread: Nipple piercings at 17?

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    ^^ same here
    Have: Both lobes x 1 ~ Left & Right Tragus ~ Both Nostrils ~ Right Inner & Outer Conch ~ Right Helix ~ Tongue (2012)

    Second Lobes ~ Left Daith ~ Second Left Nostril ~ Philtrum ~ Left Triple Forward Helix

    Right Helix ~ Tongue ~ Right Lobe x 2 ~ Left Lobe x 3

    : 1 wrist, 1 upper back ~ More to come

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    Dammit. I thought I'd posted a really long thought out question about my troublesome nipple, but apparently not only did it fail to post, it's vanished completely. Okay well the gist of my post was, I was having trouble healing with too-short bars, so I went for my last viable option and put in the longest bar I have. Healing is now well underway, and the problem I've encountered is potential migration. To be honest, with the angle I see my piercing, I hadn't noticed anything as being off, but it was pointed out to me that my piercing looks far too deep, and it appears to be pierced too far down- it's that, or it's moved without me realising. First of all, do people want me to post a picture so they can judge for themselves? Secondly, does anyone know what my options are with regards to re-piercing should it need to be done? xx

    I have:
    Stretched lobes at 20(ish)mm
    6x 1.6mm lobe piercings
    9x Helix piercings
    2x Conch piercings
    6x Labret piercings
    1x Medusa piercing
    5mm tongue piercing
    2x nostril piercings
    10mm septum piercing
    Bridge piercing
    2x anti-eyebrow piercings
    2x eyebrow piercings
    2x cheek piercings
    Nape piercing
    Navel piercing
    Heart shaped brand on left foot
    4 tattoos (and quite a few stick and pokes)

    I want:
    More tattoos!

    Tongue web
    Third eye microdermal
    2x nipple piercings
    2x hip surface piercings

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