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Thread: BJS - Iphone App has arrived!

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    Default BJS - Iphone App has arrived!

    Please find below link to the launch of the BJS Iphone APP.


    If you have any comments or feedback for new releases/updates then please add your comments onto this thread.

    BJS Admin Team.

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    Great! Been waiting for an app. Thank you!

    But, it is sluggish, gets stuck loading a product.

    Not every product is in there or is unfindable.

    Would love a Search by Size finder button on Home Page of app. Searching by size through the Search feature does not find all products of that size.

    Also, despite logging into the app, it just doesn't keep me logged in after coming out of the login/account section.

    I keep trying but it freezes then I just end up on the official website again and get a pop up to download the app. Bit annoying.
    Current: 6xpinna (2mm L&R/2x1.2mm L 2x1.6mm R), 2xauricle (1.6/2mm R), 3rd lobes (2mm), nostril (2mm R), navel (1.6mm), inv. navel (1.6mm), tongue (1.6mm), eyebrow (1.2mm R), 1st lobes (10mm), tragus (1.2mm L), septum (3.5mm).

    Future: Eyebrow (L), 1st lobes (1/2"), scaffold (L), nape, nips, nostril (L), outer conch punch (6/8mm), VCH.

    Retired: Navel (1.6mm L/R) 8/1/14&2012, Misplaced 2nd lobe (1.2mm R) 10/3/13, 2nd lobes (1.6mm L&R) 11/9/13.

    Tattoos: 4.

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