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Thread: Purple spot next to tongue piercing

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    Default Purple spot next to tongue piercing

    I had my tongue pierced for the first time a few months ago, but I took it out after about 4 days because every morning I would find the bottom ball healed/sealed inside my tongue (even after taking all actions to prevent/lessen swelling). Another piercer told me it was placed too far back and I ended up going to him Tuesday night to get it pierced again.

    This time, there is a purple spot to the right of the piercing that shows even on the bottom of my tongue. I didn't have this problem last time after 4 days, but it's only been 24 hours and I'm worried it could be blood build up from hitting a vein or artery. I haven't seen or tasted any blood coming from the hole though, so I am hoping it is just a bruise that will go away. Has anyone else had discoloration like this after a tongue piercing and will it go away? Thanks guys


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    I'm not an expert but to me it does just look like a bruise which is pretty common when you get anything pierced and should go away in a few days/a weekish depending on your body

    I'm sure if they hit a vein or artery you would know because there would definitely be tons of blood...
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    Looks like a bruise to me, pretty normal when piercing with clamps.

    Try taking arnica, it's supposed to be good for bruises and swelling.
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