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Thread: Opinions please on what to do next

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    Default Opinions please on what to do next

    Ok serious time.
    I've been in tears this even but now I'm calm I'd like to ask everyones advice on a hair issue

    Here goes.
    I have blonde hair and wear pre bonded hair extensions.
    I recently had them fitted

    I went to town yesterday. A hair salon called supercuts.
    Maybe some of you have heard of this place. Rather pricey
    Anyway I was looking for a nice shampoo for blonde hair.
    I tell them price range I don't mind as I love looking after my hair

    She shows me a product. Raves about it bring better than what I already was using.
    She asked about my extensions. I said they are glue ins not clips.
    She then asked the other hair dresser this is good and ok to use with the extensions I have in. I have AAA grade human hair so it's the best. She again says it smells good. Will be amazing etc...

    I purchase excitedly
    Today I try this stuff out
    I scrubbed it in lather i did it infront of my bathside mirror and thought... This doesn't look right. I immediately rinse. To my horror my hair was changing color bad!!!
    It was horrid. I rinse more nothing happening. I stick my regular tigi shampoo on what was remaining lather. Rinse rinse. Condition. Im sat in the bath crying my eyes out!!

    So. Now
    I had a completely different color hair. That's ruined my extensions. Turned them into chewing gum effect and my own hair and the extensions is falling out
    I've rung my color stylist who is opening up her salon for me to correct this dissastor.
    She had said to go back to the shop and get compensation and something done or go to trading standards

    What do you guys think I should do?

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    I would go to your colour stylist hairdresser & get her to fix your hair. Take before & after pictures. Document everything. Write down what they told you. Speak to the stylist about who you make a complaint to in the industry. Then calmly & methodically do it.
    I am sorry you have experienced this & I hope your complaint helps another person not go through what you have this past few hours.

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    Thank you. I was horrified. But I know I'll get it sorted.
    I'm annoyed it's gonna cost me more money that I shouldn't be paying out
    I took that hairdressers advice and trusted her. Who wouldn't? They are suppose to know what they are doing.

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    Agree with Jo, document everything.

    and terrible as it sounds, do a strand test with products like it in future. ... I am confused how a shampoo can ruin your extensions and change your hair colour though? WTF was in it??

    Remember to take it along to your hairdresser so she knows what she's dealing with.

    (edit) come to think of it, there was a Supercuts in my home town and it was a really cheap nasty place.
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    Do you live in the states?? The Supercuts chain here is not pricey at all... they're like one of the lowest end hair places ever. They charge you like $15 at the most and only do cookie cutter, standard styles that are pretty...I dont know...un-modern lets say. Very outdated.
    I've had such bad experiences with these low end chain hair cutters....I would never ever trust them with anything hair related and NEVER take their advice. And I don't really even care too much about my hair...thats why I even would go to such a cheap place in the first place haha.
    I dont know if its this kind of place you're talking about, or if theyre different where you live though?

    Regardless, I'm sorry this happened to you :( I would be upset too and I agree with what Jo said. Make sure you get the name of the person who told you to to use the stuff.
    I would go back and talk to them directly before you get your hair fixed, so you can show them exactly what it did to you...maybe they will offer you a solution and fix it for you for free since you were only taking exactly what they suggested for advice. Honestly, they probably won't do anything, but I think you should try to get them the chance to fix it first. THEN if they dont, take more serious action.

    Also, I think in a way it could be good that she brought another hair dresser over so at least there were other people involved- its not just your word against hers...but then the second lady might side with the lady that gave you bad advice just because they work together and everything. I dunno. I'm sometimes cynical about people who mess other people up like this haha

    Edit: What kind of shampoo was it and what exactly did it do to your extensions? Because I know that for blondes (I'm blonde myself ) there's purple shampoo we use to get rid of the brassy tones and depending on how powerful the stuff is and how long you leave it on, it can temporarily make your hair a little purple/gray, but it will only last usually a couple days or until the next time or two you wash it with non purple shampoo.
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    And, assuming you are in the UK, you should be able to get the first place to pay for the cost of putting things right. As has been said, you will need to document *everything*, and get a written report from the other hairdresser about what needed fixing. Then go back and ask to be reimbursed for the costs. If they refuse, politely explain that you will pursue the matter through the courts. For the (presumably) small sums involved you can use the small claims process, which doesn't require lawyers, and can even be done online (

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    Ok I went today with my mum. Showed her the state of my hair. And all they did was tell me it's my fault!!?

    She told me clearly when I bought it. It's fine to use on hair extensions

    Today she said you shouldn't of used it on hair extensions. And it's my fault.

    I was so angry. All I got was a refund.

    I'm in the uk and it was a purple shampoo but I've used a few before and never had this happen.
    I've spoken with my hairdresser and she's booked me in tomorrow it's costing 50 just to remove my extensions and color it at discount price too
    I've just purchased more extensions. As I do pre bond them myself so save some cash there

    I'm not satisfied. But what else can I do?

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    If she had said there was a risk I wouldn't of purchased it.
    But as a trained hair stylist i trusted her. Well both people in the shop said it was fine so them two I believed

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    As mentioned by Julian above you can go through small claims, if you're on a low income you won't incur costs but you'll have to file at your local court (just means you hand the paperwork over) or you can file online, it's very simple.

    You can also contact your local CAB/Trading Standards who may be able to advise you.

    The first thing you need to do however is stop all verbal communication and get everything in writing, make a diary of exactly what's happened, get names, dates and dialogue. I would personally also ring another SuperCuts and if possible record the call, ask them if the product is suitable for your hair and see if you get the same answer, could be a nice point to prove later on.

    You need to ask the store what their formal complaints procedure is and follow it, if they don't have one, seek out a manager or head office and put a letter of complaint in and also explain what you want in compensation. Wait for their reply, if they deny everything and refuse to compen you then you can give them another letter called a "Letter Before Action" in this you can state that you will take the matter to the small claims court if they do not meet your expectations, they have 10 days to comply or you will take said action.

    By doing the above you can prove in writing that you have given them reasonable time to assist you and reply to you and what you expect, it's also all written so is proof.

    The only sticking point you're going to have with this is that you cannot prove exactly what was/wasn't said, however if you take them to court it's down to them to prove that you are wrong and they won't be able to prove that either. Take photos of your hair, have one before and also if possible get your stylist before colour correction to write down what has gone wrong and how she is having to rectify it, as she's a professional it will hold some weight. Keep the receipt for the product as well so at least you can prove you've bought it.

    Don't be scared of small claims, most companies will settle out of court or not turn up and you'll get your expenses paid if you win.
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    My mum is taking a sample of my hair of what it looks like and lucky I have a peice of my extensions hair before. If that helps.
    Basically they said I can complain to the company who made the shampoo which is called fudge.
    That is what we are in the middle of doing a letter to them.
    My hairdresser has agreed to vouch for me which is a plus.
    We will see what happens

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