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Thread: Opinions please on what to do next

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    I hope it gets resolved enough that you're happy about it
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    right forward helix or tragus, conch, maybe another lobe
    another helix on left ear


    heart on my right foot <3

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    I'm afraid the shop has tried the usual approach of saying you need to contact the manufacturer of the shampoo. In law, your case is against the hairdresser - especially as you asked for specific advice, and they recommended a product to you.

    A small claim is not that hard - unlike a criminal case, you only need to prove your case to be more likely than not (i.e. 51%). You also need to exhaust the non-court process with the business first - so when you know how much putting things right will cost, write and state that you expect the hairdresser to reimburse you. You could also add a small amount for the distress caused if you want (as well as any out-of-pocket expenses such as travel).

    If they refuse to pay, send a further letter stating that this is the final Notice Before Action. Give them a reasonable period (usually 14 days) to pay, and if they still haven't paid up, submit your claim to the small claims court process. A good idea here is to include a copy of the completed small claims form with the letter, and state the exact date you intend to file unless you receive full payment beforehand.

    One important point if you need to go to court is to make sure you sue the right person (or persons) - this is rarely the address of the shop itself. You will need to find the registered business address (often the address of their accountants), and whether the business is a limited liability company or partnership, a simple partnership or sole trader. I don't know how common it is today, but in the past some hairdressers were actually individuals renting space from the shop which was a separate business - so if this is the case you might want to put both the shop and the individual who advised you down as joint defendants (but you would only get money from one, of course!).

    You can decide whether you want to use the online system (cheaper, but requires written submissions), or actually at your local court, where you can put your case personally (although you will need to submit a written case initially). The local court approach has the advantage and disadvantage of requiring both you (and any witnesses) and the defendant to travel to the court at the specified time.

    Whatever you decide to do, I hope you are happy at the end.

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    Julian is right, it's them that have the knowledge, this is why you probably can't buy that product in stores. Salons will always have to give you advice because their products are salon specific and have to come with salon knowledge. They're just trying to fob you off.

    Supercuts do my head in, I've heard of them giving terrible advice and messing up hair all the time, they really are crap.
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    Just an update on my hair.
    I was booked in at 11am and left the shop just before 5pm

    Loooonng time.
    I'm now loving my new hair
    I'm back to being blonde and I've had it cut
    My extensions at the top was purple. I hadn't noticed tbh. I just let it dry and tied it back since it happened.

    Thanks to everyone for your help
    I'll keep trying to do my best at this mess though. I hope no one ever takes their advice in that shop again
    A few people have told me they had their hair messed up by them too so must be just rubbish workers

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    Glad your hair is fixed. All the best with your complaint.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bimbielf View Post
    Glad your hair is fixed. All the best with your complaint.
    Thank you
    I love the new look something possitive came out of it all plus my hairdresser has offered to do my hair extensions for free so I'm pleased
    Although it should of been offered by the people who screwed up my hair!! Not that I'd let them near me!

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