heyy guys wondering if someone can help me out here. ive been trying to stretch my lobe from 3mm to 4mm for over 3 years now. at first i figured i did it too quick, so left it for 3 months, tried again and it swelled and started pussing, left it 6 months, tried again etc etc etc. this time around i have left it for well over a year, im using vitamin e oil to massage the lobe, using an acrylic taper and putting a steel tunnel with o rings straight through (not wearing the taper as jewellery!) it doesnt hurt when i stretch it, just over night it swells up and starts itching somewhat. i made a point to not even sleep on the side my new stretch was on last night (im so tired now..) does anyone have any thoughts on how i can get it to stay and stop swelling, or am i doomed to be at 3 forever?