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Thread: Cartilage piercing bumps increasing in size?

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    Default Cartilage piercing bumps increasing in size?

    I've now had my industrial piercing for over two years, and I've realized looking back at photos that the tiny bumps that appeared shortly after having it pierced due to the piercer not inserting a long enough bar at first, have basically tripled in size. The bumps themselves are not sore or painful to the touch and they do not pus or ooze, but are quite hard and their size seems to putting pressure and causing irritation and swelling to the actual piercing hole. I've tried salt water soaks and chamomile tea bag compresses as reccomended by my current, more knowledgeable piercer but but they don't seem to do anything at all. Is there anyone that can tell me what this is and how I can get rid of it?

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    Other than SSS and chamomile tea, I've read some people on here say putting a very small amount of tea tree oil on the bump can help.

    How long have you been trying to treat it?
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    Ive been rinsing it with saline solution almost daily along with my other piercings basically since I've had It, but I've made several attempts on and off for the past year to get rid of the bumps, using the SSS and chamomile tea bags regularly for weeks at a time and giving up when nothing changes.

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    That top hole looks ... wrong. Has it migrated? Hard to see from here but it doesn't look like it goes under the "lip" & through the top of your helix, but it could just be the bump making it look like that, I dunno. I'd have a good piercer look at that to see if it can be saved.
    Bumps are generally caused by irritation be it from inappropriate jewellery or materials, being slept on/fiddled with/caught, anatomical unsuitability, or whatever. They won't go away until the source of irritation is removed.

    Assuming you don't want to just retire the top hole: have your piercer swap out the long bar for two small PTFE or bioplast bars/labrets (it flexes, plus you can trim it as & when the bumps reduce) or do it yourself if you like. This will take the pressure off. Do nothing else, don't touch them, just let them get cleaned in the shower. Give it at least a week and see if the bumps start to magically go down.

    If they don't start going down after a week, or they do but you want to speed up the process, take any skin-friendly product you have to hand - moisturiser, bio-oil - anything but vaseline cos it just hangs around like snot - and give those bumps a good old massage. You need to get fresh warm blood pumping through that area and break down the scar tissue. Don't be too gentle, but don't hurt yourself either

    Good luck!
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