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Thread: Bump on industrial...hypertrophic scarring?!

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    Default Bump on industrial...hypertrophic scarring?! please help!

    hi, so i've had my industrial pierced for about 2 1/2 years now. this bump appeared about 8 months ago. the size of it has not changed at all. i have been to both my doctor & piercer who both told me it was nothing serious to worry about and that there was really nothing that i could do to get it to go away. i've tried SSS, tea tree oil, and aspirin paste. nothing is working! it doesn't hurt at all. and from looking a picture from the day i got it done, it also looks like the one hole has migrated downwards a little bit to me. i really want this to go away, and at this point i am willing to try anything. does anyone have any suggestions?!

    this is what it looks like

    and this is what it looked like on day one... does anyone else think that the bottom hole looks like it has migrated?
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