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Thread: Nose piercing it infected???

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    Default Nose piercing it infected???

    Got my nostril done on Tuesday and pierced with a screw. It bled a bit initially then stopped. I left it overnight to settle and then tried to clean it the next day and as soon as I touched it, it started bleeding again. Then every day until last night, it just bled randomly...certainly every time I cleaned it and sometimes hours after I last touched it.

    Last night, my nose felt a bit er...blocked and I accidentally pushed out the piercing. Cleaned it with boiling water from the kettle and popped it back in after a bit of a struggle. Since then, it hasn't bled at all, even when cleaning, but when I woke up this morning it was covered in a sort of mustard coloured fluid and I've squeezed a lot of the same stuff out of the inside of my nose.

    It's not sore, it's not tender, it's not red (on the outside at least) and I'm not sure whether it's infection or just a bit of blood mixed with the general stuff that comes out of a piercing. Gut instinct tells me it MIGHT be infected.

    Where should I go from here? I'm still continuing to just clean it with hot salty water atm.
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    Hi there! Its been only 4 or so days & its in the first stages of healing.I would continue to use the saline & gently clean it. It wouldn't hurt to go & see your piercer & let them take a look.

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    Bleeding is normal a couple of days afterwards but from the sounds of it, you're being too harsh with the cleaning. Over or harsh cleaning can prevent healing.

    Clean it only twice a day, morning and night and don't rub at it, even if it means leaving crusted blood etc on it, it does come off anyway and as long as its not on the actual bar it will not harm it.

    It doesn't sound infected, the body produces lymphatic fluid which can be yellowish, infection related puss is thick and greenish, or even brown/grey. There would also be notable swelling, pain and redness.

    Since you've already had the screw out and struggled to get it back in, you could develop a bump so look out for that.

    Best thing to do is stick to cleaning carefully twice a day and leave alone at all other times, it will settle

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