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Thread: Rook Piercing Experience!

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    Rook Piercing Healing
    Okay, so Iíve had quite a few piercings done in my lifetime. I can tolerate a pretty decent amount of pain if I have to. If I want a piercing badly enough, I am more than willing to tolerate the pain that comes along with it.
    Before I got my rook piercing, I had my industrial, three earlobe piercings and my nose pierced. All of which I handled completely fine with very little pain, making the piercing and healing experience a positive thing.
    It takes a lot for a piercing to scare me, but for the rook I was honestly very nervous. I nearly chickened out when I was at the piercing shop, and even after I decided I would get it, I almost told the woman I had changed my mind. I pushed all of this out of my mind and went along with my decision to get the piercing. I had wanted it for a long time, and I convinced myself that any pain I had to go through to get it would only be temporary and that finally having the piercing would be well worth the slight amount of pain it took to get it.
    The actual piercing experience went perfectly. The piercer stayed calm, and made sure to move quickly and without any pauses or hesitations. It was a little bit more intense in comparison to other things Iíve had pierced, but the pressure only lasted a few seconds and then was released. It was nothing excruciating to the point that I wouldnít get it pierced again. I could definitely handle the pain, and it wasnít all that painful for me regardless. People have different levels of pain tolerance though, so this may be different for others depending on that.
    Itís been three days since Iíve gotten it done, and the healing process is a little more painful than my other piercings were. Itís slightly uncomfortable to clean it, and I canít sleep on that side because itís painful for anything to bump against the whole top part of my ear. While this is entirely normal, itís pretty irritating because I have to be more careful than I usually do to make sure nothing bumps or tugs on the jewelry. Other than that, it is healing very nicely and Iíve had absolutely no complications or major issues with this piercing.
    Iíve seen countless videos of people describing their rook experiences as too painful and definitely not worth it, which with all due respect I completely disagree with. I realize that people have different reactions to pain, but it was nothing horrible that I could not handle. If you want it badly enough, pleeeease get it! It is SO worth it, it looks great and itís just cool to be able to say that you did it while everyone else is too afraid. Donít let YouTube videos talk you out of getting it done if you really want it, most of those videos are people completely overreacting. If you want it, go for it! I love mine.

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    I haven't got a rook but I can imagine that it would be quite painful initially in the first week or so as the tissue all settles down. My Daith was done yesterday so I can relate to the feelings you had! I really wanted it as well & yet I was also nervous. Yet once the process started & the initial shock of pain was over I was ok. So far my Daith has been the most intense.
    Happy healing!

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