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Thread: I joined the septum club!!!

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    Default I joined the septum club!!!

    So I went to the place, sat down and she cleaned by nose with an alcohol wipe (i think? it smelt really bad) and then told me to sit on the edge and tilt my head back. And the she pierced it. It didnt hurt a lot even though it was hard to get through on the other side. Then she tried to flip it up but I have small nostrils so it didnt want to do up lol, so she took one of the balls off and tried it that way and up it went!!! I havent seen it down, I just wanted it straight up so it wouldn't get in the way and I wouldnt knock it or feel the urge to play I paid and out I went. This was 10 minutes ago and now its starting to sting. Looking forward to it being healed so I flip it up depending where I am (home up!!! not with family down!! - They don't know I got it, but what they don't know doesn't hurt them. It ended up bleeding a bit as it was hard to get up but it was only a tiny amount.

    Very happy now!!! Can't stop smiling. Finally got it after 7 months of waiting and research

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    Ahh congratulations!!! After seeing so many pictures of girls with their septums pierced I've been thinking about getting one too. You must be so thrilled!

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    Happy Healing

    Will the day be bright or cloudy?
    Sweetly has its dawn begun
    But the heaven may shake with thunder
    Ere the setting of the sun
    Emily Bronte 1836

    I have: First lobes, single Right nostril, left tragus, naval, left Conch and new Right 14 gauge conch
    Retired 2nd lobes, daith, rook and helix8

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    Congrats, would love to see a photo

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    * 2 MD's (04/06/12)
    * VCH (02/07/12)
    * Right Nostril (2012)

    * Tongue (2001) & (2014)
    * Cartilage (1997)
    * Navel (1998)
    * Nostril (2003)
    * R & L Nipples (2002)
    * VCH (2000)
    * Monroe (2014)


    * Navel (if suitable)
    * More Tattoos
    * Left Daith / Rook

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    Thankyou all, I love it I dont have an photos as I didnt take one before it went up and I dont want to disturb it but when its nice and happy and healed I'll put one up

    A couple of hours after and it still throbbed but was bearable but now I can't feel it unless I eat or the ball tickles me. Felt the urge to sneeze several times but it past, I'm dreading sneezing

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    I sneeze with my mouth closed, for since as long as I can remember, so never had pain with my septum piercing upon sneezing. Kind of like Neve Campbell in Three to Tango, but not as cute. 😝

    I get a lot of allergies, so I sneeze a lot.

    Septum is fine unless I press on the end of my nose.
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    Future: Eyebrow (L), 1st lobes (1/2"), scaffold (L), nape, nips, nostril (L), outer conch punch (6/8mm), VCH.

    Retired: Navel (1.6mm L/R) 8/1/14&2012, Misplaced 2nd lobe (1.2mm R) 10/3/13, 2nd lobes (1.6mm L&R) 11/9/13.

    Tattoos: 4.

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    I sneeze all the time and don't know why people always say theyre worried about sneezing with a fresh septum piercing? It never effected mine at all. Not even close.
    left ear: lobes x2, tragus, helix, rook
    right ear: lobes x2, upper helix kinda thing
    left nostril, navel, septummmm!

    right forward helix or tragus, conch, maybe another lobe
    another helix on left ear


    heart on my right foot <3

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    Congrats Emma, I had a similar experience with the piercer unable to flip it up & took one of the balls off. However because the ball was missing the thread on the circular barbell began to rub against the inside of my nostril making it raw & sore. About 3 days after getting it done it really started to piss me off & even woke me up so I flipped it down & widened the gap slightly on the barbell with pliers. I was then able to put the missing ball on & flip it back up until it had healed. made it a lot more comfortable. Hope all goes well with the healing
    Current 2 x standard lobes - tragus (right ear) - horizontal nipples (barbells) - septum - right nostril- daith

    Tattoos - 2 Japanese sleeves - Japanese chestpiece - full lower leg pieces Japanese - Day of the Dead Geisha on right thigh - Japanese tiger on left thigh

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    With the sneezing I'm just scared its going to hurt. But I can't feel the side with out the ball on only the side with the ball as the ball tickles when I do different facial expression

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    Thankyou all, I love it

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