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Thread: Does anyone know the diameter of this crescent?

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    Default Does anyone know the diameter of this crescent?

    So basically I've been on the hunt for a black septum pincher/crescent with an 8mm or 10mm diameter for some time. I am aware of the one on this site (which I cannot link to because my post count isn't high enough grr) that is called "UV Stretching Crescent - Black" for 1.50.

    But it doesn't say what the diameter is (at least not that I can see) so if anyone has bought this and knows, it'd be really useful. I don't want to buy it and find it's a 12mm. Thanks!

    P.s. if anyone wants to post the link for me that'd be really helpful!

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    Here's the link -

    But judging by the one picture that's up, it could be rather bigger than you want for a septum. But, I could be wrong.
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    Your best bet is BAF. Slightly more expensive, but better materials etc.
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    Thanks guys I think I'll have to get one from that website you linked!

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    Looking at the picture of it in someone's ear, it looks a similar size to my BCRs which are 16mm.
    Know you're going to have a look at BAF but I thought a guesstimate might still be of some use to you!
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