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Thread: Tongue web piercing :)

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    Cool Tongue web piercing :)

    Hey guys,

    I've wanted a tongue web piercing since..well.. forever! And I think I'm going to get it this week coming

    I heard that they reject quite easily and have done lots of research but I trust the people on here more than anyone on the internet so here goes..

    1) Does it hurt afterwards at all, and for how long? (I know it'll be uncomfortable during piercing)
    2) I know swelling depends on the person but would it swell that much it will affect speech?
    3) How deep is this piercing able to be done?
    4) How did you guys clean it and how often ?

    P.s. Anyone who has a tongue web piercing (or lingual frenulum), how long have you had it for? And do you think my tongue web is big enough to pierce?

    Many Thanks to you all
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    Your webbing looks a similar (small) size to mine and the piercer's assistant at the place where I go thought I might not have enough there to pierce through when I enquired during a check up for another piercing a few months ago. But don't take my word for it. A professional might tell you otherwise. Good luck I hope you get it.

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    The process of actually getting your tongue web pierced is pretty much painless and afterwards there isn't too much swelling or pain it's more of an ache. Mine was tender for the first 3-4days then I was back to normal, I didn't really have a lisp but I was just very careful when speeking because on the first day it went over my teeth and I pulled my tongue back in quick and it hurt like a b*tch. My web looks similar to yours and it was pierced by a reputable piercer and I had no troubles. My piercer warned me not to over do the cleaning aspect but I brushed my teeth 2-3 times a day and rinsed after eating and having anything other than water to drink. Hope this helps!

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