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Thread: My new shiny rook!

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    Smile My new shiny rook!

    After getting a sudden piercing craving over the last couple of days i decided to go and get my rook pierced. It's a piercing i've been contemplating for ages but never got round to getting, until today
    I went down to my local piercing place, filled out the forms and sat down to be pierced. I'll admit, it wasn't one of my less painful piercings but due to it being cartilage i didn't expect anything else. It was the usual sharp pinch as the needle went through and the painful tug as they pulled the jewellery through. Similar to my helix piercing i guess, there was no bleeding or dizziness so that's a bonus. My piercer was also lovely, friendly and put me completely at ease
    About half an hour later, i could feel that it was swollen, i couldn't touch the top half of my ear without feeling a minor amount of pain, almost like touching a bruise it throbbed for about ten minutes but i can hardly notice it now unless i accidently touch it or knock it. Overall, it's being good so far.
    Also, in the picture it looks like one end of the bar is bigger than the other but that's purely because of the angle of the camera. I'm not sure if the picture has uploaded though, so if anyone could give me any ideas on how to make that happen? :')
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    Nose (Left side).
    Labret (Right side).

    Left Ear-
    Two standard lobal piercings.
    Helix. x3

    Right Ear-
    10mm lobal piercing

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