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Thread: Is this "tattoo leakage"?

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    Default Is this "tattoo leakage"?


    Got this tattoo on Wednesday afternoon (hope it doesn't come up real big!) -

    So far it seems to be healing well. Swelling went down in a mere two hours, I've had no redness or intense itchiness, I've kept a good eye on it but at the same time it's just sort of become part of me already and I'm starting to not even notice it! It's overall been a fairly pleasant experience so far! However earlier on today, I noticed just above the bottom NH there was a bit of what looked like black ink smudged. I gave the whole tattoo a very quick clean with lukewarm water and antibacterial soap as I initially thought it might have been a bit of dirt or something, but as I did more and more black ink seemed to be sort of coming away from my tattoo. It was not a worrying amount, only smidgens in select areas. But is this what I keep reading as "tattoo leakage"? If so, is this natural? Is there anything I can do to prevent it or should it be happening? Does this mean my tattoo is starting to dry out and get ready for scabbing? I've read a few places that say it could be due to too much water/Bepanthen on the area - does this mean I should start to curb using my ointment and move over to a standard moisturiser? Sorry for all the questions! Haha.

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    My tattoo on my hip has sort of leaked out of the main design like youve described, its only noticeable up close though. When it was a week old i went to the studio and they had a look and i was told that i was putting too much bep on it and i needed to cut down. So its possible its because of that. They told me a thin layer first thing and last thing were enough

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    Yeah I agree, I had that with my scalp tattoo. I thought it was the ink coming out, but realised iit was because I was moisturising too much!! I cut it down and it went away, didn't need touching up

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    Does it matter what type of ink is used for leaking?

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