hello! long time no see everyone!

so, me and my friend are thinking of going out next monday for may day, since we don't have school and stuff and she's really been wanting her nape doing, so we agreed to go get that done (assuming the shops are open, i actually haven't checked) and i thought, while i'm there i might get my collarbones done. well, not through them, below them with surface bars haha. so i'm actually quite nervous already thinking about it, i've not had a surface piercing before, so i was wanting to know what kind of pain i should be expecting? is it the same as the 'through' piercings like lips, septum, ears?
also, i know alottttt of people are really against numbing cream, i know that, but i was wondering how well that EMLA cream works? the friend mentioned it because i was all 'eurrrh never had a surface before don't know how much it'll compare' being a wuss as usual really. so i looked it up and i've seen that it can be used for piercings and tattoos too. i know it'll hurt either way, but for me it really is a 'in your head thing' my belly bar was supposedly 'freezed' but i genuinely think it was just cold water to make me think it hurt less, and i think that's why it hurt less than i thought it would, sooo.. plus it'll be like 2 piercings in one sitting kind of :')

thanks for any help and things, getting all worked up and stuff already, it's only friday :')