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Thread: Is this normal for a smiley...?

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    Wink Is this normal for a smiley...?

    My smiley is almost 6 days old in a couple of hours, it's my first oral piercing which is completely in the mouth (I mean I have my labret, but that's half on the skin).
    I've noticed some really SLIGHT discharge in it, including some swelling- though my gums are really thick along with my lips and there's a lot of flesh for the piercing to sit in nicely, but I still think there's swelling present.

    This small discharge is normal, right? I feel as if the swelling should be normal. There's no irritation, bumps, none that nonsence. Just this slight discharge and swelling.

    I'm wondering if it's because, silly me, that I've been smoking and drinking quite a bit, and I know smoking certainately isn't good for oral piercings and alcohol not really recommended. Oh, I'm also addicted to sugar, but I don't know if that causes a problem. I've been brushing my teeth twice a day and I've been using a anti-bacterial non-alcoholic mouthwash (Corsodyl)... But should I switch to a just non alcoholic mouthwash? Since antibac might be killing the good bacteria in the piercing, too?

    I love my smiley, and I certainately don't want it taken out. I just want to know if I'm being a total failure to this piercing and if I should change what I'm doing. I've already ran out of ciggies and alcohol and I think I'm gonna avoid it until it's healed, especially if that's what people suggest.
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    Yes that sounds completely normal I dont have the piercing myself but going off what I've heard/read/learned you've got nothing to worry about

    Yes, smoking and drinking of course isnt good for it, but I would suggest just using a saltwater rinse instead of the mouthwash if youre worried or if it seems like the mouthwash is being too harsh.
    I agree with what youre saying about the anti bac good be killing the good stuff too.

    It sounds to me like you've got nothing to worry about really though.
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    Yeah, all totally normal. Try and avoid the drinking and smoking as much as possible for the rest of the healing (about 2 weeks minimum) and that should make the swelling and discharge stop sooner. I agree with Spudkissed, SSS is usually the best as it doesn't harm the good bacteria or irritate it, but still gives it a good clean
    Happy healing!
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