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Thread: Lack of patience or too much problems?

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    Post Lack of patience or too much problems?

    I only ever had my anti tragus, lip and eyebrow pierced with a stud, everything else a BCR. I'm not much of a stud person, but I'm not sure if my body agrees.
    I think nearly all of my piercings I've had out of them 3 have been pierced with a BCR and looked after very carefully with a 1/4 of SS 1-2 times a day, just as the piercers suggest.
    I get this problem with every piercing I have when it comes to rings.
    My first piercing I really had problems with was my double nose. I got pierced with a ring because I was dying for them for a long time. When I got them pierced I had a keloid looking bump by it for about 1-2 months, and it never went away no matter how strict I was with aftercare, it only went until I changed to a stud, and whenever I changed back to a ring it went red. But since then I haven't wore rings in them for a very long period and I'm not sure what it does anymore. It's been years.

    All my ear piercings now are rings, I've only recently been collecting ear piercings and I've had my forward helix for 10 weeks and my conch and tragus for 8 weeks this Friday. There's a big nasty swelling at the back of my conch, a bump inside my tragus and a very very small one outside, and my forward helix has a very nasty bump on it.

    And, like I said, studs with excactly the same care heal perfectly with no issues whatsoever!

    I'm not sure if my body just rejects rings, or will my body eventually accept them? Changing my jewellery is a nag and I want to kinda avoid that... Does anyone else get simular problems or coping managements? I'd highly appreciate some views
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    rings take longer to heal because they move more and irritate the piercing. id stick to studs and be patient for them to heal properly. then a change to rings shouldnt be a problem i guess. happy healing
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    As above, rings as initial jewellery are pretty much a no go for most people, they can drag crusties into the healing fistula constantly delaying healing. Go to a good piercer, get them to put appropriate sterile barbells/labrets made from ptfe or titanium in your new piercings and you'll find they'll heal fine.
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    I changed from barbells to D shaped captive ball rings after two years healing and yet I still have problems, not that the rings move, they don't yet now three years on, pain and discomfort is common, I am at the point that if I cannot find a solution or indeed a reason, the piercings are coming out. I changed fro bar bells to D shaped rings because myself being kind of cack handed, I used to always catch my watch strap or bracelets on the piercings, and that hurt plenty !

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