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    Default General bad service

    Has anyone else had a string of bad experiences with this website?

    I bought some nose studs from here a while ago, and when they arrived they were really terrible quality: they were nothing like the picture, the ball screwed off, and the jewel was not a jewel but what seemed to be a sticker stuck on the ball. One 'jewel' had fallen off in the bag. I returned them and wrote a review of the product. The review was not published. I wrote to customer services to ask why this was, and was told that the review would be published that day. I checked and it wasn't. I wrote again, and was told 'only reviews that other customers find helpful will be published'. I replied and was ignored completely.

    I guess this explains why all the products have only four and five-star reviews - because any negative comments are not published, which is a horrible, deceptive practice. It's really disrespectful to customers, too.

    I sent four emails asking about stock - all were completely ignored.

    I ordered some segment rings: the segments did not fit properly and one had a sharp piece of jagged metal sticking out of the join. Again, terrible quality and had to be returned.

    Now, I have ordered some CBRs - it's hard to get those wrong so they should be at least useable. However, I foolishly ordered the wrong diameter, and sent them back to be exchanged for a larger diameter. I have been sent what seems to be an invoice for 1. I emailed to ask why this was and received a very lazy reply which was a cut and pasted section of the returns policy that didn't even apply: 'All refunds will be subject to a 1 charge - this is to cover bank charges'. I replied saying that this didn't make sense as I wasn't getting a refund - I was exchanging, not returning - and in either case, I used Paypal to pay so the idea of bank charges is irrelevant. This seems to me to be just a way of making money, which is, again, not honest or respectful to the customer.

    I have had no response yet, but I think in future I might just order from Wildcat, even if they are slightly more expensive - they've always been really helpful with returns and have great customer service.
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    I understand, I gave up from this store a while ago. I use wildcat, which I find great (especially their clearance sales and special offers, and I live in Serbia and for some reason I don't pay VAT, so all the stuff is I think 17% cheaper than for UK)
    SteelNavel, and sometimes Crazy Factory for basic stuff.
    Also BAF is popular over here.
    I can't grasp how does it work out for BJS to just ignore all the complaints, I mean they're losing costumers.

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    I order alot from here and my service has always been fast and efficient and any returns quickly dealt with.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Drynwhyl View Post
    I can't grasp how does it work out for BJS to just ignore all the complaints, I mean they're losing costumers.
    I don't know - you'd think it would be in their best interests to sort it out, but apparently not.

    Incidentally, the CBRs arrived this morning, but they'll have to go back too because the balls are so massive that they internal diameter is reduced from 16mm to 10mm, which means they wouldn't even fit! Very badly designed.

    redribbon, it's not so much the speed of the service that I'm complaining about, but the low quality of the merchandise (in my experience, anyway), the fact that my emails are mostly ignored and when they are replied to it is done in a very lazy manner, and the deceitful practices such as vetoing negative reviews and taking 1 from refunds for no good reason.

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    I've seen someone mention the 1 thing before and they're quite simply not allowed to do it as far as I know under the SOG Act so why they're still trying to do it is beyond me. I've emailed them before and got no reply but a phone call saw them act very quickly. Then again I tend to order from WildCat or CF now, sometimes even eBay as many well established shops on there will send same day and can be cheaper.
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    It's not allowed, it's just a nasty way of spinning extra money for themselves. Again, no respect for the customer. I got a refund for those useless CBRs, but again, they've tried to keep 1 of it and haven't refunded me the postage, so I will have to call them. This is definitely the last time I'm ordering from here - it's just more bother than it's worth, every single time.

    I notice any sort of comment from someone from BJS is conspicuous by its absence.

    EDIT: I called them and after arguing for several minutes over whether the rings were fit for purpose or not (they weren't) and then 'checking with the manager', the person I spoke to said I would be refunded the 1 - however, I probably spent more than that on the phonecall. Ridiculous. If they don't value their customers, then the customers go elsewhere. Simple as that.
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    While I have no problems regarding the quality of jewellery, I find it shocking that they refuse to publish any reviews less than 4 stars.
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    I usually order from BodyArtForms now: More choice, better quality merch, and more (plus more genuine) reviews and photographs. The only problem I find is having to wait slightly longer for delivery - but it's worth it in the long run. :-/
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    Unhappy Really Now

    I just ordered something and they wanted a picture of my id and credit card which is a bit weird for a online order I get the reason why but its kinda like really........ couldn't you have told me to do this before I ordered it and like 3 days later no less and you ask me for it ......... so now I'm not sure if Ill receive my stuff on will see if this experience sucks I may not order from here again I mean the quality of the stuff looks nice picture wise great reviews price wise pretty nice but then I don't live in the UK so I'm not sure how long it will take the stuff to reach (ME)the US seeing as I live on the west coast I emailed them twice hopefully I receive a reply once because one of my jewelry i ordered gauge was wrong by my fault and another for confirmation
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    Wow, I've never had bad services from this place. Interesting info, hm. That's terrible that they were so horrible with you. o-o; If I were you, I'd definitely shop at a different place. They need to change how they act towards customers and be honest.

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