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Thread: My nipple piercings

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    Default My nipple piercings

    Last year I finally had my nipples pierced after waiting a number of years. I don't know what it was that made me want them so much perhaps a case of "I just did". I had no other piercings so was a piercing virgin. I kept on chickening out all the time but finally in April last year I got the left one done and after a few months the other one too. I so remember nearly not going through with it when I got them done the first time round but there I was, all of a sudden pierced.

    There was something addictive about them...I got verticals after a while as well...and kept on admiring them in the mirror. Sadly I needed an unexpected hospital scan earlier this year necessitated their removal (no chance to get retainers beforehand) but managed to save the ones on my left side as they had been there for longer.

    Not so sure about ever showing it to family though or what they would say if they found out. None of my friends have piercings and the prevailing mentality seems to be "yew, that's gross!". Just my little secret, for now....

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    Nice! I think tht=at's the good thing about piercings, they don't have to be visable. They can be discreet for your own enjoyment. Nipples are next on my list. Good luck with yours!
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    I have had my nipples perced for more than twenty years now and recommend completely. I have stretched them up gradually but nipples don't stretch like ears! Now I wear 8mm purple titanium circular barbells- look and feel fantastic.

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    Love my nipple bars, had them done over a year now and the easiest healers for me; still doing dandy fine
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    i want one too! i really only want one but im waay to chicken to get it oww it seems so much painful than other piercings! D:

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