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Thread: Infected Navel piercing :/ !?!?

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    Default Infected Navel piercing :/ !?!?

    So I got my belly button piercing 1 year and a half ago and love it, but after 7 months of having it done, it would keep getting red, crusties, and yellow and brown pus would come out. I would do sea salt soaks and /or use antibiotic cream and it would get better, but after a few weeks it would go back to being red and puss filled.

    This has been going on for months, but today it started bleeding!!!!! so scared. And to make things worse it also seems to be thinning out.

    I want to take my piercing out :'( , it's great but obviously my body isn't fine with it,
    • 1 friend said to keep doing sea salt soaks until the infection goes away and then take it out cuz the infection might get trapped under my skin if the holes start closing... (but i wonder why it hasnt gone away already??)
    • another friend said to take it out now before it gets really thin and rips out or before it gets really infected.
    We know a friend who had to stay in hospital for 2 weeks becuz of a navel piercing infection.
    this is my piercing
    http: //
    http: //
    http: //
    http: //

    Sorry they are really crap webcam quality.

    So WHEN do i take it out ??? Any suggestions, advice, personal experiences are appreciated!
    Thanks for reading this
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    it sounds like your body is rejecting it, you should check w/ your piercer but it probably should come out.
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    Go to a Dr & get them to take a look. They can discuss how to clear up the infection.

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    try asking your doctor or just removing it

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    I had a similar experience. The underside or your navel ring (the bottom hole) looks like there used to be a blood blister there, it's scar tissue, or it's hypergranulation. My navel had a hard time healing after I had a blood blister on the bottom hole and then it turned into hypergranulation and it would just leave scar tissue looking stuff hanging out of the bottom hole. It was gross. It also crusted over constantly!

    Eventually I changed my ring to a dangle to prevent the bottom ball from sticking to me when I sat down (I know it's gross, but it would lymph so much that the bottom ball would actually stick to me.) It seemed to have gotten better and then out of the blue it started pussing a lot. I did sea salt soak after sea salt soak and after I got that infection healed up, the skin between my piercing holes got shorter within a month of clearing up the infection. It hasn't moved any more since then and it never gets red or itchy or swollen anymore. If I didn't know any better, I'd tell you that my navel has just now (after 11 months) has finally healed. It feels fine. But when I compare pictures of when I first got it, to what it looks like now, it's different. I actually had to order a 6mm short barbell to put in it since it has gotten smaller. I'm keeping a close watch on it and if it moves any more it's coming out!

    Your's looks very similar to mine. I guess you need to keep trying sea salt soaks and hot showers and if the infection is not better in a week or so, go to a doctor to get some oral antibiotics. Keep a close eye on it and make sure to notice any changes. Make sure to watch and make sure if your skin gets any thinner/shorter, you need to take it out, but clear up that infection first!

    Best of luck!

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    i had one of those blood blister things behind the bottom hole, and i tipped the sss into my bellybutton and sat like that for about 15 minutes - it was literally gone the next day hope this helps a bit
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    My navel piercing got infected too & by the time it had cleared it had moved so much I had to take it out, I had about the same amount of skin left between the holes as yours. That was about 3 months ago, I'm not sure how long I should wait to get it redone, there's a horrible red scar where the top hole was & I'm not sure how well it will take now. Has anyone got any idea how long I should leave it?

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    yeah.. i'd definitely have that checked out lmao

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    Go to the doctors for antibiotics to clear the infection, once its cleared then take it out. Dont do it while it still is as it will trap the infection under the skin x
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