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Thread: The Industrial/Scaffold Piercing...

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    Post The Industrial/Scaffold Piercing...

    I'm interested in getting one, and I'm probably going to see if I can get one when I'm out Friday.
    I've researched this piercing for years and basically what I've heard from people who have experianced it is that it's a bloody pain in the arse for healing and I've seen that keloids are common with these.... Is it because of the bar putting weight onto the fresh ear piercing?
    I'm interested that, if it is the case, that I could get another forward helix piercing and a normal helix/rim, let them both heal, then place my own bar through it? I'd inform the piercer that this would be my plan, of course.

    I probably won't be able to get the piercing, anyway, a few piercers have refused to pierce me near the auricle/slightly hitting the helix because my skin there is very thick and flat, but I feel like this could be beneficial because as pretty as the industials are... The risk factors are kinda close to overweighing it for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Quaver View Post
    I've seen that keloids are common with these....
    No they're not, unless you're already prone to keloids. You'll know if you are.

    What is common is The Bump. These are very very VERY rarely keloids, they're usually hypertrophic scarring. Read Spike's thread Advice on The Bump
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    They are a bit of a pain.. but to be honest it's totally worth it haha. I've had some bumps, but they cleared up within a month or so. I've had mine since September last year, and I still can hardly sleep on it (which is sort of inevitable now seeing as I got my snug pierced on the other side...) - let's just say it gets a bit temperamental every now and again :P
    You could get it pierced without the bar, because it's said to be better for healing, my bar has sort of dented my ear a bit but that's from the sleeping on it - otherwise it's totally fine. Bit of a pain putting clothes on or taking them off, and I had to keep my hair out of the way of it. But honestly if you can go through all that and put up with the healing period of almost a year I believe? It's a gorgeous piercing and I love mine to pieces. You could always get a vertical one instead of horizontal! :3
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    I've never had any problems with mine. Got it last May. No bumps or anything, and the only thing that was really a bother about it was when people would hit it. That hurt like no one's business for about five seconds and then everything was right again.

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