might as well post my diary seen as i've found them very helpful when deciding whether to get this piercing.

day one
popped into thou art and booked my piercing for about half an hour later. i was alone and nervous. so i popped off to get a panini and buy some very cute tongue bars and some nail varnish. oh and of course i stocked up on soup, non alchoholic mouthwash, paracetamol and some ibuprofen.
i was called in to the piercing room and i got the adrenalin rush i got when i had my septum done and i started to ask lots of questions and started to babble. the lady who pierced me was ridiculously nice so.
i then had to rinse my mouth with some yellow liquid and she marked my tongue. i really didn't want the bar far foward (because i don't really like the look of it PLUS my mum told me she would be much happier if i got it placed so it would have less chance of wrecking my teeth XD) and when i looked at the placement it looked too far to the right. it took another 2 attempts before i was FINALLY happy. i definately recommend being SURE before going through with that placement. i know that i hated the first placement and now that i'm all pierced i love where i decided to get it pierced.
so i then had to stick out my tongue as far as possible until my jaw started to ache. she clamped my tongue which didn't hurt at all (i wish the clamps did hurt and then it would numb the needle pain a little) and then i was told to take a deep breath and she pushed the needle through my tongue. didn't take her long to get the bar in but i started to breathe really fast and i felt so faint. it did hurt quite a bit i found for some reason but the bar felt like it was blocking my breathing and i just started to panic a little.
i proceeded to lie on the dentisty chair for the next 20 minutes sipping water and mumbling because i felt aweful XD the lady was so lovely and tried to distract me and when i finally left i went to get a coke. problem was, as soon as i got out of the shop i felt aweful and as i walked down the alley my vision literally started to cloud over and i walked like a drunk. i managed to get to gregs before passing out and saved myself by finding a seat and sipping coke.
i then had to get the bus but had to collapse onto benches at least 3 times on the way. it was a pretty dire situation and i wish i had asked my mate to come with me. i couldn't talk at all and sipped soup for tea.
sleeping was difficult but when i was actually asleep i slept fine. i woke up to no real discomfort but wow your mouth gets dry overnight so please please PLEASE sleep with a drink because you will thank yourself.

day two/three
my tongue swelled to a massive size that i didn't think was possible. the back of my tongue was discoloured and i just drooled everywhere if i tried to speak. i couldn't eat anything so just slurped soup. it was awful.
i drugged myself up on anti inflammataries and painkillers and i dread to think about what it would of been like without them. woah.
but most of all i just found it uncomfortable to swallow, i couldn't talk without sounding like a deaf person (sorry) and i just ended up grunting. the bottom ball of the bar is pretty big and is pressing on the saliva gland (gross and uncomfortable) and it is also pressing on some sort of gland or nerve that connects to my neck so that was VERY painful and my neck swelled up and started pulsing a bit. i'm not sure if anyone has had similar but it's very uncomfortable.

day 4/5
back to school and i can speak but wow i sound stupid. better today but i have the most awful lisp (so as you can imagine, i get ripped on at school by my friends XD) and can't pronounce certain words.
th's and s's are difficult. the worst word is maths. i had to say it so much today and NO ONE could understand me. they were all 'meg, what lesson do we have?' 'maffzzz' 'what?' 'mafffzzz' 'maff?' 'MAFFFZ?!'
but the swelling is going down but is still pretty big. the edges of my tongue are not crinkly anymore and i can finally eat solid food (but with alot of concentration because otherwise i'm scared i will chomp on the bar)
also i am starting to play with the bar. i pull it forward and roll it over my front teeth and hook the bottom ball on my bottom teeth and i rub the top ball on my palette. can't wait to wear pfte/teflon and then i won't have to worry about chips and wear down as much. but it's freaking addictive.
but i still feel like i have block braces and can't close my mouth properly and there is still discomfort.

hope this was helpful. i'll update. xxx