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Thread: Questions On My Philtrum Piercing

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    Unhappy Questions On My Philtrum Piercing

    First off, I got it done in late October. I haven't been to sure on it since because of the placement. I think it was pierced a little too high for my taste.
    Today I went to the dentist and had to take it out for x-rays, it's been out for 8 hours because I forgot to put it back in. When I tried to put it in, I couldn't find the hole.
    Now I'm wondering two things, if I can't get it back in, how can I make sure I dont get scar tissue and/or make the hole less noticeable.
    And also, should I get it re-pierced lower, since I really don't want to get rid of this piercing.

    Note: The flat back of the jewelry cut into my lip since I got it pierced and sat inside there. It never sat on the outside of my inner lip. So now after examining my lip without the jewelry in, it looks like it's formed some sort of ball out of the tissue. And I think the hole is in the middle of it.
    Also I have an album of my piercing on my page so you can see the placement.
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    It does look pretty high!
    After eight hours it probably will have totally closed over;fairly sure mine would in that time, and it's over a year old! Oral piercings are notorious for healing and closing up quickly.
    I would say do one last sss, and then after a few days or so you could start massaging a little oil or even moisturiser over the outside, though after only a few months there shouldn't be horrendous scar tissue or anything.
    Give it a couple of months and you could definitely get it repierced lower, you have a nice dip for it already-i'm surprised at the original placement tbh.
    Yeah, the jewellery will have 'nested', but it shouldn't have embedded. You'll probably notice that goes away after a few days. The hole for philtrum's isn't the easiest to ind, mine's way worse than any of my lip piercings ever were!!!
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    Yea, It definitely closed up within that time. I bought some bio-oil to massage it with to hopefully reduce scarring, especially since I want to get it re-pierced.
    Thanks a lot, I really needed someone else's opinion.

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