I've had my labret for 2 days, now. The next day I woke up and there was a slight red rashy looking shade around it, nothing big or entirely noticeable, it's going down a little now, but is this anything serious? I never had it before with my old one, which was on the side of my lip (this one being centre) but I only had it for a week since I was still in school when I had it and, tbh, I didn't look very good with one :P but the centre position looks great on me IMO
Also, the first day I had it pierced, a few hours into having it done there was red bumpy swelling at the back? It's not there anymore but that is pretty normal, right?
Also, the back of the labret bar is leaving a circular mark where the back is positioned into my lips skin.... This isn't going to cause any serious damage, is it? Is this also normal? My bar is 1/2mm big because the piercer knew about the swelling which happens and etc (but I can't imagine my lip taking any smaller sizes, tbh)
I'm currenly using SSS on it 2 times a day with a quick gargle of it in my mouth after and not eat/drink anything for half an hour.