Hey haven't been on here in a while. I kinda have 2 worries. I got my navel piercing in march and changed it in july and to start with it was like this:

and now it's:

The reason I worry is because the skin looks quite thick on the pic from when I first had it done but now to me the skin looks quite thinner and feels quite thinner. The bar I had originally was 14mm and a shop I went to said it was far too big and gave me a 10 or an 8 I can't remmeber which and now this bar seems quite big. Am I over reacting, is it meant to be like this?

Also I had my tragus pierced in August and some days it swells but some days it's fine but I'm still getting crust even though I'm soaking it. Should I leave off the cleaning for a while again? and how long can I expect before it starts to settle down?