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Thread: Piercing after a life changing event?

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    i dont know about getting a piercing after a life changing event but ive had tattoos to mark certain things and people in my life also i get piercings to cheer myself up and because i like them so u could say for me the piercing is life changing also
    Left Ear -stretched upto 1/2-9/16 - 2 pinnas - 6mm conch punch - 6mm helix punch - 10mm cart punch
    Right Ear - stretched upto 1/2-9/16 - snug - 6mm helix punch - vertical industrial - tragus - rook
    Others -nape - left and right nipple - right wrist x2 - bridge - eyebrow - twinkle
    Tattoos - medieval dragon with sugar skull half sleeve - vampire pinup - tinkerbell

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    i got my tongue pierced after getting into the rave scene. Normally if i am unhappy i will get a piercing though, seems to make it all better haha

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