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Thread: Sorta Embarressing Question about Eyebrow Piercing

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    So it's been about 2 1/2 weeks now since I had to remove my eyebrow piercing (may you rest in peace) and I've been tending to the holes (i guess you'd call them) of where it went in. I've been using sea salt soaks and massaging it with vitamin e oil. I'm giving it the presidential suite, to put it lightly. And it's doing very well, from what I can tell. Healing up nicely, some of my friends can't even tell i had a piercing.
    I just had one question. Before I got my eyebrow piercing, I had my eyebrows waxed once a month or else they ended up looking like bert and ernie from sesame street. As soon as I got my eyebrow pierced, I stayed far away from waxing or even plucking them for fear I might agitate the piercing. So I basically haven't plucked, waxed my eyebrows since then.
    Now that the piercing has rejected and is out and starting to heal up, do you think it'd be safe to have my eyebrows waxed or should I let it heal up a bit more?
    I just don't wanna go in to get my eyebrows wax and they put on the paper, yell '1,2,3!' and then rip off a chunk of skin because i didn't let it heal for long enough. 0_0 and they NEED a waxing because they look like godzilla caterpillars...

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    If you ask your beautician to have a look they will be able to advise you, it won't be the first time they've seen it. Also you only needed to soak once after you took it out, just do oil massages for now and leave it alone other than that.
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